Luxe Lash - Water Lily - CCCouture Revibe
Luxe Lash - Water Lily - CCCouture Revibe

Luxe Lash - Water Lily

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Water Lily is a perfectly lovely everyday lash with light points, two row volume, and lots of wispy length.  Light and feminine.

Water Lily - Natural lash style, ‘every day’ look.  Multi- dimensional, flutter style.

Luxe Lashes by CCCouture is a curated and hand selected collection of high quality, silk fiber blend, faux mink lashes.  Our lash collection is ‘tried and true’, meaning we wear these ourselves and can firsthand speak on the comfort, durability, and all-around beauty of this collection.
Our lashes are collected on a medium-width, black cotton band to ensure comfort and maximum durability.  The lightweight design allows them to be worn for hours without discomfort (if lashes cause irritation, remove and check for fit). 
The high-quality design allows lashes to be worn up to 25 wears with proper care (check the care card to be sure you are treating your investment wisely).

 **Our lashes are vegan, responsibly sourced, and 100% cruelty free (let’s keep it real, friends… leave the fur on the animals, please).